" mental health 2020 international exhibition of photography "
Today: Friday 22 Oct 2021
Closing Date : Thursday 07 Jan 2021
Due to COVID-19 judging started lately. Winners will be announced at the Award Ceremony.*****Please wait until the announcement of all nominees.


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1st award ($1500 USD + Exhibition Trophy)Leyla Emektar (EFIAP)Earthquake and lonelinessTurkey/ Kocaeli
2nd award ($1000 USD + Exhibition Trophy)Xiaoxi Liao (PPSA)Ball Game In VillageChina/ Chengdu
3rd award ($700 USD + Exhibition Trophy)Zoltan BisakThe observerSerbia/ Ivanovo
Honorable Mention ($400 USD)Amir Hossein Kamali (AFIAP)WinnerIran/ Esfahan
Honorable Mention ($400 USD)Fateh ShafeiIdentityIran/
Honorable MentionFadhel AlmutaghawiHen feedingBahrain/ Budayia
Honorable MentionSalah AlrawasSea HeroesOman/ Salalah
Honorable MentionDu XuepingclassroomChina/ Nanchang


Mohammad Adibipitman (Accepted)Iran/
Ata AdnanHomebound (Accepted)Bangladesh/ Chittagong
Ata AdnanMonsoon Splash (Accepted)Bangladesh/ Chittagong
Salar Akbarilost (Accepted)Iran/
S.baqer Alkamel (AFIAP)Different face (Accepted)Bahrain/ Almoqshaa
Fadhel AlmutaghawiHen feeding (Honorable Mention)Bahrain/ Budayia
Salah AlrawasSea Heroes (Honorable Mention)Oman/ Salalah
Manu Barreiro Rodriguez (EFIAP/s)La Gaviota (Accepted)Spain/ Beasain
Andrej Belovezcik (EFIAP)Children Day (Accepted)Slovakia/ Stropkov
Zoltan BisakGardians (Accepted)Serbia/ Ivanovo
Zoltan BisakMan in the boat V2 (Accepted)Serbia/ Ivanovo
Zoltan BisakThe observer (3rd award ($700 USD + Exhibition Trophy))Serbia/ Ivanovo
Xose CasalThe Snake (Accepted)Spain/ Girona
Dany Chan (EPSA)Love Nuzzles (Accepted)Canada/ Toronto
Anli ChengQuiet (Accepted)China/ Taizhou
Chi Hung CheungShare (Accepted)Hong Kong/ N/a
Sujoy Debnath (AFIAP)COLOUR FULL WATER (Accepted)India/ Howrah
Svetlana DenisovaAngel (Accepted)Russian Federation/ Maykop
Dipak Kumar Dey (AFIAP)Looking for freedom (Accepted)India/ Ichapur
Dang Ke Ductranquility (Accepted)Vietnam/ Hoi An
Leyla Emektar (EFIAP)Earthquake and loneliness (1st award ($1500 USD + Exhibition Trophy))Turkey/ Kocaeli
Nadire Gunday (AFIAP)girls (Accepted)Turkey/ Aydin
Yansong HanSilent home (Accepted)China/ Taizhou
Nguyen Ba Haoreturn to nature (Accepted)Vietnam/ Bao Loc
Zahra Heidaribig love (Accepted)Iran/ Tehran
Minghui HongMarch (Accepted)China/ Taizhou
Yeqing Hulove (Accepted)China/ Nanchang
Chi-lai HuangMelting antarctic (Accepted)Taiwan/ Kaohsiung City
Kenan Hurdenizmagical auroras (Accepted)Cyprus/ Kyrenia
Kenan Hurdenizdetails of winter (Accepted)Cyprus/ Kyrenia
Oguz Ipciraid (Accepted)Turkey/ Konya
Svetlana IrevlinaTwo birds (Accepted)Russian Federation/ Krasnodar
Amir Hossein Kamali (AFIAP)Winner (Honorable Mention ($400 USD))Iran/ Esfahan
Seyit KonyaliStrawberry (Accepted)Turkey/ Konya
Romos Kotsonis (EFIAP/s)In line (Accepted)Cyprus/ Limassol
Zhiyuan LiaoWater Waltz (Accepted)China/ Nanchang
Xiaoxi Liao (PPSA)Ball Game In Village (2nd award ($1000 USD + Exhibition Trophy))China/ Chengdu
Bruno Madeddu (EFIAP/d2)venice (Accepted)Italy/ Sarzana
Bruno Madeddu (EFIAP/d2)mistral 10 (Accepted)Italy/ Sarzana
Istvan MagdoGoing home (Accepted)Romania/ Sacele-Brasov
Istvan MagdoJigsaw (Accepted)Romania/ Sacele-Brasov
Vladimir Maltsev (EFIAP)First love (Accepted)Ukraine/ Zaporozhye (Kushugum)
Mohammadreza Masoumi (AFIAP)Shekar dasht (Accepted)Iran/ Tehran
Ali Mermertaswomans (Accepted)Turkey/ Trabzon
Mohammed Rimon (EFIAP)Fasting Devotion (Accepted)United Kingdom/ London
Pierluigi Rizzato (EFIAP/d3 - MFIAP - ESFIAP)Four wildebeests (Accepted)Italy/ Borgoricco
Qingjun RongLiving places (Accepted)China/ Taizhou
Sudip Roychoudhury (EFIAP)Heavenly (Accepted)India/ Kolkata
Klaus Peter Selzer (MFIAP)In the parc (Accepted)Germany/ Dillingen
Fateh ShafeiIdentity (Honorable Mention ($400 USD))Iran/
Lushu Shushepherd (Accepted)China/ Nanchang
Salim Simsekkuslar (Accepted)Turkey/ Mugla
Aleksandar Tomulic (EFIAP)Green umbrella (Accepted)Croatia/ Rijeka
Thuong Tran Dinh (AFIAP)old age (Accepted)Vietnam/ Phan Thiet-binh Thuan
Arnold Umlauf (MFIAP)Spaziergang (Accepted)Germany/ D-8070 Ingolstadt
Anatoliy Volokh (AFIAP)rebirth of life (Accepted)Ukraine/ Rivne
Jinlei WangBlowing snow in ancient city (Accepted)China/ Taizhou
Aimin WangExpect (Accepted)China/ Fuzhou
Du Xuepingclassroom (Honorable Mention)China/ Nanchang