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Born in Beysehir, Reha Bilir graduated from Istanbul University's Faculty of Pharmacy and although he is known to be a photographer by profession, he actually works as a free pharmacist.

He participated in various national and international competitions as a photographer. He received two of Turkey’s most prestigious photography awards, namely the Şinasi Barutcu Cup in 2008 and the Sami Güner Cup in 2009. Various works of Reha Bilir, which reflect his journey through photography in his own style, have been included in many exhibitions in different countries. Having many of his photography albums exhibited in famous international photography museums, Reha Bilir has also exhibited his photographs and slide shows in various cities in our country.

Not only does Reha Bilir engage in taking photographs but he has also shared his photographs with enthusiasts of photography in different cities in order to act as a guide for those who have just taken up photography, and also who have participated in interviews on the philosophy of photography. His interviews have been published in national and international photography magazines.

In a publication made by Pamukbank entitled “Photography in Turkey”, he was referred to as being among the first Turkish Photographers who made changes on photographs in computer environment by virtue of his exhibition “Digital Snapshots”.

Having been a member of one of the national teams that received the World Cup in Switzerland in 1999 and an honorable mention award in England in 2004, Reha Bilir was elected to the national team five times.

He was awarded the “honorary fellow townsman” by the municipality of Yeşildağ in 2004 for his contributions through his photographs to the national and international recognition of the “Valley of Storks”, a reference to Yeşildağ, a town in Beyşehir. Also he is honorary fellowship of Bengladesh Photography Federation ( Hon. FBPS) and Selçuk Universty Photography Club ( Hon. SUPC ). He is the founder of art gallery Sille Sanat Sarayı in Turkey. He is president of International Art Photography Association. He organised many national and international photography events in Turkey.

He is the director of FIAP Permanent exhibition center in Sille / Turkey.

He is Directory Board member of GPU (UPI).

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